Dave Lacey portraitPhoto courtesy Doug Yates I don’t usually get personal in this forum, but wanted to announce the passing of a Fairbanks icon Dave Lacey, who died of cancer Feb. 24, 2009 a day shy of his 64th birthday.

Dave has been in Fairbanks for a really long time, a gentle soul with a great conscience, considered himself a non-reformed hippie, was a great story-teller, has been involved in a number of community based efforts, hosted the Oldies Show, a radio show on KUAC as Dr. Dave.

I might have first met him at the Koponen sauna in the early days, but he wandering in and out of my life in various areas and times. I worked with him when I was at Tanana Chiefs Conference and he was working for one of the village corporations. Of late, he had been working hard to establish a community based food co-op against insurmountable odds.

With a strong voice to the end, he did his last radio show on KUAC just last Saturday.

Rep. David Guttenberg asks Dave’s friends and associates to send him stories and anecdotes of Dave’s life. He’ll draw on these to create a legislative honorarium. Please share this request with others whose lives were touched by Dave. Share your remembrance of Dave’s work, play and/or spiritual connection by sending it to:

Here is a video of snippets from his last show Sat. Feb. 21, 2009.

6 Responses to “On Dave Lacey”

  1. gcnak Says:

    KUAC FM Dr. Dave Tribute
    Saturday, February 28th at 9 pm

    KUAC will remember Dave Lacey during a very special The Oldies Show this Saturday. Dave, aka Dr Dave, Lacey passed away on Tuesday after several years of battling cancer. “Your main peace and love man”, Dr Dave hosted his last show on KUAC just last Saturday. He was instrumental in the founding of KUAC programs Any Old Time and The Oldies Show.

    Dr. Dave had a wealth of music in his collection and had an uncanny ability to recall details about artists, songs and the times surrounding the 50s and 60s music era. Join KUAC’s past and present Oldies hosts for a celebration of Dave’s life and a musical memorial to a long-time radio volunteer and active Fairbanks community member. Tune into 89.9FM or stream it live on http://www.kuac.org.

  2. […] about bands from his beloved 50’s and 60’s like no other person around. he was known as doctor dave to his loyal npr radio listeners and from time to time i tuned in on the internet. i wish i had tuned in […]

  3. gcnak Says:

    The Oldies Show Tribute to Dave Lacey
    Feb. 28, 2009 9 pm


    And a memorial at the Unitarian Universalist Church by the
    Princess Hotel on March 7, 2009 starting at 4 pm.

    4448 Pikes Landing Rd.
    Fairbanks, AK 99709
    (907) 451-8838

  4. Lyn McNutt Says:

    So sorry to hear about Dave.

    I remember the time my brother came to visit AK from Oregon in
    the winter. It was a heavier snow year, and Dave missed the
    turn backing out of my driveway, so he and my brother were out
    there at 40 below shoveling out Dave’s car. All of a sudden
    they stopped, dropped in the snowbank, made snow angels, and
    then watched the aurora and talked until they got chilly.

    Then they shoveled out the car.

    Bye Dave.


    Lyn McNutt

  5. Dave Lacey was one of my best friends. In fact, if it wasn’t for
    Dave – I wouldn’t be married. When I started work in Alaska with
    him he took me under his wing and taught me, charmed me, turned
    me on to yoga, made me love Alaska, took me to the fair to see
    giant vegetables, and did a few of his radio shows. Since we
    both lived in Tulsa in the 70s we did tributes to folks like
    Leon Russell. He also introduced me to his good friend, Sarah
    James, among other wonderful people in Alaska. My heart is
    very heavy and missing him. But like someone else on one of
    his memorial sites said “he’s out running free” wherever he may
    be. That’s Dr. Dave.

    Love and miss you big bro.


  6. I saw that commercial a few years ago. IT really is an oxymoron.. say what you mean and mean what you say… don’t sugar coat it… or coal coat it..!!

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