Rep. Les Gara sent a press release along with his requested report investigating the high price of gas, compared to the price of crude oil. Not surprisingly, it shows that refineries are recovering roughly twice what they were as recent as July 2008 and as they had historically. When the Flint Hills North Pole refinery owners say they aren’t investing in keeping up the refinery and wanting to sell it to the State of Alaska, caveat emptor. What I hear from employees even before the excessive profit taking is that they weren’t losing money, just not making as much as they would like.
Here’s the legislative report for your prurient curiosity.

Interesting that Alaska gasoline, with no state gas tax, is higher than Hawaii gas, when we extract and refine our gasoline in state and Hawaii imports everything many thousands of ocean miles. Something is in imbalance up here and odd that folks aren’t in an uprising, considering how volatile Alaskans can be.