Style in public and style in private are sometimes very different in politics and others in public life. The tapes of Richard Nixon showed him to be a foul mouth bigoted bitter person.

However, style in public management blends the private and public view. A number of articles that have re-surfaced on Sarah Palin’s management style offer a focused perspective on her tough stands on war with Russia, comparing herself to a pitbull with lipstick. This
New York Times article lays out an historical perspective of how Palin’s tough management style isn’t all that private. “Tough” appears to be a mild word to describe it. Kind of seems like Dick Cheney vindictiveness and cronyism without his global mission. Different people, same story. I hope there is enough time in the campaign for Americans to learn more about what is being offered. Late entry of a relative unknown candidate into a high profile political campaign has a large element of risk that is not always discovered until too late. Alaska has some experience with this when Hickel and Coghill replaced the AIP candidates after the primary was over and won. They only served a single term after Alaskans found out eventually what they were all about. Characters from the Wizard of Oz came to the fore during the Hickel/Coghill recall petition drive. Guess who was who.